is to present a coherent vision of ArtCars to the world. ArtCar Fest is a festival for and about ArtCars, which are licensed, registered and insured vehicles that an artist has permanently altered in an artistic fashion. These are NOT parade floats - the unique aspect of our medium is that we bring art into the world every day as we drive our vehicles to work, to the store, and on the highways. ArtCar Fest is the only festival in the world that focuses exclusively on this medium, and the only one founded and run by ArtCar artists.

We are social entrepreneurs who have been bringing art to the public for over twenty years as ArtCar artists, and for over ten years as ArtCar Fest. We produce this festival and we organize ArtCar visits to schools and hospitals all year round, all over the country.

We are practitioners of This concept defines some types of play as truly meaningful because people find connection, relationships, community and a sense of identity through this play.

People find meaning in play through art movements such as Dada, Fluxus and ArtCars; through creative rituals like Mardi Gras and Burning Man; through role-playing in games and theater; and through creative play online.

We put so much time, energy and love into our Productive Play - creating our ArtCars - because through our ArtCars we communicate who we are, and in this way we find our tribe.

For more information on Productive Play we suggest two books: "Communities of Play" by Celia Pearce and "Reality is Broken" by Jane McGonigal.

Many hold automobiles out as an extension of their identity and personality. ArtCar artists take that thought and run with it to create lavish, yet street-legal sculptures that electrify the public. People automatically understand that ArtCars proclaim that art plays an integral part in our lives, and that one has PERMISSION to make art no matter what your background. As art critic Robert Hughes put it, “the desire to make and experience art is an organic part of human nature, without which our natures are coarsened, impoverished, and denied, and our sense of community with other citizens is weakened.”

Whether folks see them by chance or design, ArtCars promote the idea that art is fundamental in a powerful way. ArtCar artists see this on the road every day. The public excitement is palpable and people are effervescent with questions about the notion of making art out of the elements of everyday life.

Drive with us & you’ll see this resonance & maybe you, like us, will devote yourself to the medium.

Wet Dreams by marilyn Dreampeace, Von Tiki by jake Goldstein, Daisy Singer by Philo Northrup, Cinnabar Charm by Charlie Russell photo by Philo Northrup