ArtCars are street-legal vehicles that artists have permanently modified into a work of art. They bring creativity and individual expression into people’s lives 365 days per year.

ArtCar artists come from many backgrounds. Some are self– taught folk artists, while others have formal art–school training or even custom car backgrounds.

ArtCar artists follow their individual notions about how to create or customize their vehicle. Almost half of our artists are female.

“An ArtCar is often a fantasy made into a reality. It is in itself a symbol of being free. . . it expresses the ideas, values, and dreams of an individual.”

—Harrod Blank, ArtCar artist, filmmaker and ArtCar Fest Co-Founder

“ArtCars are street–legal vehicles that have been permanently transformed into mobile sculptures. These aren’t parade– floats, they’re registered, insured automobiles that artists work on for years and exhibit to anyone who will look up.”

—Philo Northrup, ArtCar artist, and ArtCar Fest Co-Founder.